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Think before buying a NordicTrack Treadmill
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I have had a terrible experience with the desk treadmill I purchased from NordicTrack. I wanted to post a review about it on Amazon or the NordicTrack site, but they do not sell their products through Amazon. Additionally, when I tried to submit a review directly to the NordicTrack site, I got a web site error. I reported it but never heard back from the webmaster. I also came across a website that said "look out for negative reviews that are posted everywhere, they're probably posted by NordicTrack's competition." Well, that's a load of crap. I'm a real person and if I attempted to post this to several websites, it's because I'm disappointed and no one at NordicTrack is helping me solve my problem. I'm posting this on my own website.

Another assertion made on the nordictrackreview website is that sub-par technician service is not NordicTrack's problem. When NordicTrack presents a warranty as a feature of its product or sells you an extended warranty, I would consider that an extension of the product. If they can't vouch for the third party they hire to do service, they should hire someone else. Perhaps they could vet and reimburse local repair people like some insurance companies do with certain body shops. I don't know. All I know is when I talked to NordicTrack about the service there was literally 1 service technician in my area. Not one company, one person to choose from.

I made the mistake of purchasing a NordicTrack treadmill on the strength of a few glowing reviews for the "hardware" without looking into any reviews of their service. I regret not buying locally. The reason I went with a NordicTrack is that they had the only desk treadmill that has a significant incline-- 10%. However, the incline has yet to function.

1/2/2015 I contact NordicTrack and ask if they can price match Sears on their Desk Treadmill. They can! Fabulous.

1/8 The treadmill ships.

1/14? The treadmill arrives in my town, but I have to wait for the assembly team to schedule an appointment to bring it to my office. I paid extra for assembly so that it would be performed correctly by professionals and I couldn't be accused of messing anything up.

1/21 The treadmill is delivered! The machine is bulky, but mostly assembled. 30 minutes of assembly for a two man team. When we turn it on, it gives an error message about communication. One of the assemblers examines the machine and finds a broken cable. I decide not to refuse delivery because it seems wasteful to send the entire treadmill back to NordicTrack when only a cable needs to be replaced.

1/21 Waited on the phone with NordicTrack for 40 minutes. Representative is somewhat snide when I have to interrupt her script to explain that the assemblers have already located the problem with the treadmill. Ordered the replacement cable.

2/3 Technician comes to my office. Has to completely disassemble the treadmill to replace the cable. Is in my office more than two hours. I can't work because I need to keep stopping to hold some part of the treadmill together that is impossible for one person to do alone. Once he is done we test everything and it works; desk raise/lower, incline raise/lower, and speed increase/decrease. Great!

2/5 First walk on the new treadmill! Very exciting.

2/6 The incline is broken. Pressing the buttons don't give any errors but it doesn't move. I try the "Incline Calibration Procedure" described on the NordicTrack website and it says it is calibrating, but the incline does not move. I contact NordicTrack technical support via the email because I don't want to wait on the phone, and ask specifically for a technician to come look at it.

2/11 NordicTrack customer service writes me back and tells me to remove the motor hood and "make sure all wiring from the incline motor is fully connected to the circuit board near the motor." I write back and tell them that I paid for assembly and am not comfortable doing this. I repeat my request for a technician.

2/12 NordicTrack writes me back, ignoring my request for a technician. referring me to the place in the manual that explains how to remove the motor hood.

At this point, I am very disappoined that I don't have a working treadmill and that NordicTrack wants me to troubleshoot and fix it myself.

3/11 Treadmill repair visit. Tech swaps in some parts. Does not work. Tech says he will order more parts. I am stressing out about the time this is taking away from work and get a migraine.

3/23 I have not heard from the tech. I email him and do not hear back. I call Nordictrack directly and they say that they will send a different part.

4/2 New part arrives.

4/9 Treadmill repair visit. Tech says that we got the wrong part. He claims that he put in a request for a cable but I never received one, only the part I received from my call to NordicTrack. I ask him to call NordicTrack to clear it up. Says it is too late to call NordicTrack. I get them on the speakerphone. They are open because they are in a later timezone than us. Tech tries to explain what part we need. NordicTrack puts in a rush order. Tech takes his time opening the hood and poking around even though he has already told me he can't do anything, and I want to get back to work.

4/16 New cable delivered. I email the technician to ask when he can come and he says not this week. I am gone next week, so it will be the week after. I ask if he can verify that I have received the right part so we don't have to go through this again and he asks for pictures. I send pictures. Still waiting to hear back.

4/17 I call NordicTrack to find out my options. Maybe I could get a technician who would actually fix my treadmill. There are no other technicians in my area. Not no other treadmill repair providers-- no other individual technicians.

I want to ask about exchanges and returns and they need to give me a different number for returns. I call this number and miss my one chance to receive a "callback". (I figured they'd ask every 5 minutes or so. Rookie mistake, I guess.) After 35 minutes I get an answer. Great news! Since I have called in at least every month since I received it, it is still eligible for a return. The only downside is that it will cost $180 to disassemble and box it, unless I want to do it myself. Since the manual says all over it "requires 2 people to assemble" it looks like I'd be paying that. I decide to wait until after my trip to give the technician one more shot and return it if he can't fix it this time.

4/20 I heard back from the technician and it turns out that the cable they sent is the wrong part. He put in another order. Hopefully it will be at home when I return from my trip.

4/27 The right cable came while I was gone! Great! However, the tech spent 90 minutes here and it didn't work. He figured out that the cable didn't work in about 30 minutes, but I got to stick around while he tried some other things which he didn't announce to me anyway. He says that at this point he's replaced just about every component inside the machine except for a power cable. I tried to work while he was here but it was hard since I had to get up to help him tip the machine on its side and back up again.

Before the tech came today, I brought one of those outlet testers that you plug in to make sure that your outlet is grounded and generally wired correctly and plugged it into the outlet that the treadmill is plugged into. It came out a-ok. How this thing is still not working is a mystery.

4/28 Great news! NordicTrack is going to pay for the reboxing to send it back. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out ok. The boxing company will be the same guys who set it up, who were quite good I thought. Glad to get this over with.

5/5 The treadmill is gone! I feel like a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am reminded of a joke a colleague told me some years ago. "The two happiest days in a man's life? The day he buys a boat. And the day he sells the boat." The UPS Freight guys that picked it up are great guys. Easy to work with and got it out of here fast.

Lessons learned

  1. If the machine doesn't work on arrival, do not accept delivery.
  2. Make regular reports to NordicTrack if your machine does not work so that you may have the option of returning it. Remember, they told me I could return it only because I had checked in every month.
  3. Although this didn't really come up, I think that having someone else assemble it is helpful in convincing NordicTrack that you didn't break anything.
  4. Consider service when buying your treadmill. If you live in an area with tons of NordicTrack mechanics, this may work for you. If you do not, you may want to find a local exercise equipment manufacturer from a storefront that offers service.

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